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– Deadline
– Upload final idents to Vimeo


– Print work & put in sketchbook
– Burn movies to DVD using iDVD

– Put idents together and annotate
– Write evaluation

– Write about my on-screen graphics
– Create a final checklist and re-order sketchbook

– Annotate my media experiments
– Write about the UKTV Rebrands

Play around on – interactive website

– Continue to make idents adding sound from iLife
– Update sketchbook by printing off work

– Creating an example schedule (based on Gusto’s theme) and write about the watershed

12am- South Park
1am- Film: Dumb & Dumber
3am- Angry Kid
3.30am- Outtakes
4.30am- Family Guy
5am- IT Crowd
5.30am- Friends
6am- Fort Boyard
7am- Hit40UK- Music chart
10am- Film: Back to the Future
12pm- News
1pm- Hollyoaks
2pm- You’ve been framed
3pm- Futurama
4pm- Simpsons
5pm- Top Gear
6pm- Harry Hill’s TV Burp
6.30pm- Total Wipeout
7.30pm- Bear Grylls: Born Survivor
8.30pm- My name is Earl
9pm- Dead Ringers
9.30pm- Little Britain
10pm- Skins
11pm- Family Guy
11.30pm- Wife Swap

– Continue making idents
Sketchbook check

– Write about how I got from my promo ideas to the final product
– Continue to make my idents in iMovie 08- I tried to add effects to the video in iMovie HD then transfered it accross to iMovie 08 to add the logo. But this reduced the quality/ resolution a lot.