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Monthly Archives: March 2009


In 2007, Proud Creative created a new identity for Welsh channel S4C. The theme of the idents were to show the magnetism of the Welsh society, represented by large amounts of objects gathering in one place, such as shopping carts at a grocery store, and golf carts at a golf course. These were mostly created by using thick fishing wire to pull the items together (rubbing them out afterwards), watch behind the scenes video.

Later that year, Minivegas helped to create a new set of idents, featuring live rendered dynamic elements which react to the voice of the continuity announcers so that each one is unique. These included lights flashing on and off in a lighting shop and cranes moving up and down.
All of the S4C idents are really interesting and unique, I think they among the best on TV at the moment. They’ve given me some ideas for when I create my own idents for Gusto.

Freefarm/ Simon Pyke specializes in making music to fit motion (sound design). He’s made music for TV Channels- Five, MTV, Sky and S4C.


This summer the Sci-Fi Channel will become ‘Syfy’ in a major rebrand. And in May, more UKTV channels are changing name. UKTV Gardens will become ‘Really’ and UKTV Style will change to ‘Home’. See the logos

– Research the photo techniques of Martin Parr and Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Martin Parr is one of Britain’s best known photographers, bridging the gap between art and documentary photography. His photographic projects often look at modern society and in particular foreign travel and tourism, motoring, family and relationships, and food. Although many of his photos have simplistic qualities they still manage to hold the viewers interest and provoke emotions, usually of laughter.

“I tend to just snap at what I find and see, but occasionally I do a portrait that’s set up. But most of it is candid. Yes, I suppose there’s a bit of luck involved but if you take lots of photographs, you earn luck.”- Martin Parr

New Brighton
New Brighton, The Last Resort 1983-86

American dream
American Dream, Small World 1997

Riva, Lake Garda 1999

st. mark's square
St. Mark’s Square, Venice 2005

All credits to Martin Parr/ Magnum Photography

– Mindmap related imagery based around the entertainment theme, with comedy, sitcom, reality, soap, music and game shows- surreal, everyday life.
Comedy- Bananna skins, custard pie, false teeth, giant glasses, bad dancing
Saturday night– Pizza, beer, couch, pot noodle, drunk people, friends
Drama– Crime, cheating, murder, relationships, Marriage
Reality– Celebrity, life, exaggeration, home, environment

– Get photography books to help give me inspiration for my imagery. Photographers include Martin Parr and Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

– Search for inspirational images and designers on flickr, design blogs, books and magazines.

Julien Vallee is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada and Berlin. He’s currently working on a range of projects including art direction, motion graphic, print design, art installation and video for the music industry. His work is very distinctive and unique because it usually involves using brightly coloured card and paper to create something 3D with visual impact.

The members of German group Lichtfaktor use light to give expression to their creativity. They take advantage of a variety of light sources to produce photos and videos in cities by night. They create films by taking a series of long exposure images and putting them together frame by frame. Watch

Lego characters give a humorous effect when put into surreal surroundings. And by using macro stop motion animation the characters can come to life. The image above was taken by flickr user Jeremy van Bedijk (jere-me). Watch

BBC2 uses the number 2 to represent the channel in its idents. Creating the number 2 in different ways makes it more interesting, for example it can be animated. The 2 shown above was knitted by flickr user Gillian (hey, mippy).

The image above is very eye-catching and uses a simple technique. Taking life size head shots of people and holding it in front of your face. I saw a similar thing done by Smooth FM on a TV advert, where a vinyl sleeve was held up instead to match the body of the person holding it (look here). The image above was made by Jason Smith on Flickr.

I also saw this on flickr and thought it was a brilliant idea, but maybe more suited to a science based TV channel. However the concept is great and links to the slogan “MTV is a virus”. The creator is Ross Colquhoun. This work also featured in The Sunday Times and on the BBC. Watch

On the set of the photoshoot to produce images to be used in a Fiesta TV commercial, Autumn 2008. The modeling balloons create a childish feel and when put together, they create a big impact. Created by artist Rachel Thomas. Watch

– Portfolio building

– Decide on the name Gusto for my channel. Aimed at 15- 35 year olds showing entertainment programming (similar to E4, T4, BBC Three).