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Monthly Archives: May 2009

– Put idents together and annotate
– Write evaluation


– Write about my on-screen graphics
– Create a final checklist and re-order sketchbook

– Annotate my media experiments
– Write about the UKTV Rebrands

Play around on – interactive website

– Continue to make idents adding sound from iLife
– Update sketchbook by printing off work

– Creating an example schedule (based on Gusto’s theme) and write about the watershed

12am- South Park
1am- Film: Dumb & Dumber
3am- Angry Kid
3.30am- Outtakes
4.30am- Family Guy
5am- IT Crowd
5.30am- Friends
6am- Fort Boyard
7am- Hit40UK- Music chart
10am- Film: Back to the Future
12pm- News
1pm- Hollyoaks
2pm- You’ve been framed
3pm- Futurama
4pm- Simpsons
5pm- Top Gear
6pm- Harry Hill’s TV Burp
6.30pm- Total Wipeout
7.30pm- Bear Grylls: Born Survivor
8.30pm- My name is Earl
9pm- Dead Ringers
9.30pm- Little Britain
10pm- Skins
11pm- Family Guy
11.30pm- Wife Swap

– Continue making idents
Sketchbook check

– Write about how I got from my promo ideas to the final product
– Continue to make my idents in iMovie 08- I tried to add effects to the video in iMovie HD then transfered it accross to iMovie 08 to add the logo. But this reduced the quality/ resolution a lot.

– Create print promo box thingy



Today UKTV Gardens has re-launched as ‘Really‘, a reality TV channel for women.

We hand-pick the best reality-based programmes that offer an honest insight into other people’s lives – shows that are feisty and straight-talking but still good natured (a bit like us really). From classic British series like Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers to amazing one-off documentaries like Extraordinary Breastfeeding and Body Building Pensioners, you can trust us to bring you something brilliant when everyone else is boring you to tears.

The next UKTV rebrand will happen on June 22 at 9am, when UKTV food will become ‘Good Food’.