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Brief + Statement of intent
Mind maps
– E4/ Noah Harris
– Lambie Nairn
– Channel Five re-brand
– Fonts/ Style Guides
– Colour
Channel name, target audience and theme
– Research, analysis
– Development, thumbnails
– Final
Promotional item
– Research, analysis
– Ideas, development
– Final
– Research, analysis
– Ideas, development
– Movie editing software
– Sound / Narration
– Film / contact sheet
– Final
– Export as .mov and burn to iDVD
– Research, analysis
– Ideas, development
– Final


Final show plan- Print presentation boards

Throughout project- Peer review, primary images and video


How to make the FMP a success

1. The proposal should match the final outcomes
2. You must follow the design cycle for all elements
3. you must create primary images (and video) and put in contact sheets
4. Critical appraisals of people your project relates to and examples of what you will produce
5. If appropriate stop at moments in your FMP and include another statement of intent.
6. Guillotine everything and stick it in straight- presentation is everything
7. Include media experiments with pen, pencil, paint etc. (if appropriate)

The 2 distinction criteria
– Show innovative personal, creatively focused direction and informed, independently selected references in the development of a changing brief.
– Show perceptive critical appreciation, meeting the brief, through applying an understanding of a range of factors. (Analysis of your work throughout).


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