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– Create print promo box thingy




Today UKTV Gardens has re-launched as ‘Really‘, a reality TV channel for women.

We hand-pick the best reality-based programmes that offer an honest insight into other people’s lives – shows that are feisty and straight-talking but still good natured (a bit like us really). From classic British series like Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers to amazing one-off documentaries like Extraordinary Breastfeeding and Body Building Pensioners, you can trust us to bring you something brilliant when everyone else is boring you to tears.

The next UKTV rebrand will happen on June 22 at 9am, when UKTV food will become ‘Good Food’.

– Create logo stencils by cutting out the pink areas with a craft knife and used paint to print on to different materials

– Sort sketch book out
– Gather all my images and video together and create contact sheets
– Update checklist

– Draw out promo ideas
– Look for music to use in my idents

– Write about using iMovie and upload problems
– Create first idents/ development

iMovie 08

– Write about this blog, vimeo and flickr
– Start to look at music to use in my idents

– Write about print promos
Interesting idea from Kasandra Rio’s blog

Found a really good ident for Sky 1,2 and 3 which would work really well with Gusto. All 3 channels share the same idents, but change the animation and colour. Notice how they use solids for Sky1, Liquids for Sky2 and particles for Sky3.

Behind the scenes

DoP: Tim Green
Art Dept: Department Purple
Post Production: MPC
Music & Audio: Freefarm
Producer: Sharon Kersley
Concept & Design: Jon Yeo, Andi Granger
Directors: Jon Yeo, Andi Granger

– Upload my original footage to vimeo