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For this project, I will create a logo, promotional item/s, idents and possibly a website for a new Television channel. I will start off by mind mapping and researching existing TV companies, in particular the main UK channels; BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Five. I will look at their logos, colour, fonts, idents and websites etc. I will also research the history of TV and TV online- getting my information from the Internet, books, magazine and films. After my research, I will form my own channel name and decide on a target audience and programme themes.
Then I will move on to creating a channel logo, getting inspiration from existing logos. First, I’ll draw out thumbnail ideas on paper taking the best into Illustrator. After getting second opinions, I will develop the best into a final logo. After making a final logo, I will use it as part of my promo item, ident and website.
I will make my promo item in the same way, by researching, getting ideas and developing them into a final design.
My ident will be more complex and I will need to decide whether to use animation, film or a combination and how long it will last. After analyzing other idents and animations, I will put my ideas together and create storyboards, which will be refined into a final ident.
If I have time I will create a web presence to accompany the TV channel.

Throughout the project, I will
– Use annotation to explain my designs
– Use as much primary imagery as possible
– Get feedback from others to help develop ideas
– Create an online blog to write about my progress

My final designs for each will be put together at the end and then I will write an
evaluation. For this project I intend to use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
Dreamweaver, video editing software and possibly Flash.


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