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Today UKTV Gardens has re-launched as ‘Really‘, a reality TV channel for women.

We hand-pick the best reality-based programmes that offer an honest insight into other people’s lives – shows that are feisty and straight-talking but still good natured (a bit like us really). From classic British series like Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers to amazing one-off documentaries like Extraordinary Breastfeeding and Body Building Pensioners, you can trust us to bring you something brilliant when everyone else is boring you to tears.

The next UKTV rebrand will happen on June 22 at 9am, when UKTV food will become ‘Good Food’.



At 9pm tonight, digital satellite and cable channel Paramount Comedy 1 will rebrand to become Comedy Central. It’s sister channel, Paramount Comedy 2 will become Comedy Central Extra. Comedy Central has been a long established channel in the USA and since 2006 it has started to broadcast in other countries including Poland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and now UK / Ireland. South Park will dominate the channels schedule on Sky 126, Virgin 132 and Tiscali channel 25.


This summer the Sci-Fi Channel will become ‘Syfy’ in a major rebrand. And in May, more UKTV channels are changing name. UKTV Gardens will become ‘Really’ and UKTV Style will change to ‘Home’. See the logos

– Mindmap related imagery based around the entertainment theme, with comedy, sitcom, reality, soap, music and game shows- surreal, everyday life.
Comedy- Bananna skins, custard pie, false teeth, giant glasses, bad dancing
Saturday night– Pizza, beer, couch, pot noodle, drunk people, friends
Drama– Crime, cheating, murder, relationships, Marriage
Reality– Celebrity, life, exaggeration, home, environment

– Get photography books to help give me inspiration for my imagery. Photographers include Martin Parr and Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

– Decided on an entertainment theme- game show, comedy, reality, soap, music and news.
– Using an online thesaurus to find interesting words (related to entertainment) to be used as a channel name.

Main Entry: Entertainment
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: amusement, pleasure
Synonyms: ball, bash, big time, blast, blow out, celebration, cheer, clambake, delight, dissipation, distraction, diversion, divertissement, enjoyment, feast, frolic, fun, fun and games, gaiety, game, good time, grins, high time, laughs, leisure activity, lots of laughs, merriment, merrymaking, party, pastime, picnic, play, recreation, regalement, relaxation, relief, revelry, satisfaction, shindig, sport, spree, surprise, treat, wingding

Main Entry: Enjoyment
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: delight in something
Synonyms: amusement, delectation, diversion, enjoying, entertainment, fruition, fun, gladness, gratification, gusto, happiness, hedonism, indulgence, joy, loving, luxury, pleasure, recreation, rejoicing, relaxation, relish, satisfaction, savor, self-indulgence, sensuality, thrill, triumph, verve, zest

– Look at existing TV channel names
– Research programme types and Channel themes


Blighty is a rebrand of UKTV People, shown on Sky 534 and Virgin media 206. Re-launched on the 17th February 2009, the programmes are based around British people and their culture. They include The Apprentice, Seaside Rescue, Traffic cops and Britain from above. Blighty is the latest of the UKTV channels to be rebranded along with Yesterday, Eden, Alibi and Watch. And in case you didn’t know, Blighty is slang for Britain. blog link