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– Colour research/ Colour associations

Kuler is a free online application create by Adobe, which allows you to experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community. You can upload a picture into Kuler and it will generate a colour scheme from it and give you exact CMYK, RGB and web colour values.
I used this to generate the colours used by TV companies in their graphics
below colours of the BBC- BBC3, BBC2, CBBC, BBC1


Colour associations
Purple- Luxury, creativity, wisdom / profanity, arrogance
Brown- Calm, nature, tradition / dirt, poverty
Black- Glamour, wealth, security / fear, heavy, mourning
Grey- Elegance, respect, neutrality / pollution, dullness
White- Purity, light, hope / coldness, emptiness
Green- Nature, peace, good luck / illness, envy, greed
Blue- Clean, calmness, intelligence / coldness, depression
Pink- Femininity, love, fun / weakness, inhibition
Red- Excitement, warmth, passion / aggression, danger, war
Orange- Warmth, happiness, energy / warning, frustration
Yellow- Friendliness, confidence, summer / hazard, cowardice