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– Deadline
– Upload final idents to Vimeo



Today UKTV Gardens has re-launched as ‘Really‘, a reality TV channel for women.

We hand-pick the best reality-based programmes that offer an honest insight into other people’s lives – shows that are feisty and straight-talking but still good natured (a bit like us really). From classic British series like Mary, Queen Of Shops and The Baby Borrowers to amazing one-off documentaries like Extraordinary Breastfeeding and Body Building Pensioners, you can trust us to bring you something brilliant when everyone else is boring you to tears.

The next UKTV rebrand will happen on June 22 at 9am, when UKTV food will become ‘Good Food’.

Found a really good ident for Sky 1,2 and 3 which would work really well with Gusto. All 3 channels share the same idents, but change the animation and colour. Notice how they use solids for Sky1, Liquids for Sky2 and particles for Sky3.

Behind the scenes

DoP: Tim Green
Art Dept: Department Purple
Post Production: MPC
Music & Audio: Freefarm
Producer: Sharon Kersley
Concept & Design: Jon Yeo, Andi Granger
Directors: Jon Yeo, Andi Granger

Cartoon Network 2008/2009 rebrand by Capacity

Unfortunately my trip to Blackpool didn’t turn out as planned. I went yesterday and the weather was a bit grey so my pictures didn’t give out the happy mood I was hoping for. I went in the Pleasure beach to film some of the rides and got a good one of a rollercoaster and the dodgems. My camera was slightly shakey on movie mode even with the tripod. However, after seeing this

its inspired me to find another funfair and film some better idents and not worry too much about steady shots.

Inspirational idents for Italian TV channel Cult. Created by Superelectric (Henk Loorbach) & Andre Maat . Blog link


In 2007, Proud Creative created a new identity for Welsh channel S4C. The theme of the idents were to show the magnetism of the Welsh society, represented by large amounts of objects gathering in one place, such as shopping carts at a grocery store, and golf carts at a golf course. These were mostly created by using thick fishing wire to pull the items together (rubbing them out afterwards), watch behind the scenes video.

Later that year, Minivegas helped to create a new set of idents, featuring live rendered dynamic elements which react to the voice of the continuity announcers so that each one is unique. These included lights flashing on and off in a lighting shop and cranes moving up and down.
All of the S4C idents are really interesting and unique, I think they among the best on TV at the moment. They’ve given me some ideas for when I create my own idents for Gusto.

Freefarm/ Simon Pyke specializes in making music to fit motion (sound design). He’s made music for TV Channels- Five, MTV, Sky and S4C.

– Decide on the name Gusto for my channel. Aimed at 15- 35 year olds showing entertainment programming (similar to E4, T4, BBC Three).